We offer wide range of IT services to enable your business to meet the modern-day requirements.
Education Center
Find number of online as well as offline courses available for various sections of society.
Media & Production
Our most awaited domain, we will soon push the dates to come into exixtence. Coming Soon.

Smart Technical Solutions

We enable businesses in making the best use of emerging digital technologies to build stronger capabilities . "Your Customer is just a click away."

Business Solutions

Our experts can implement solutions with faster time-to-market to help your business.
SAP Implementation and Upgradation
SAP Support
Tech Support
Customer Support

Web Solutions

Web Development
Web support
Software Development
Software Support
SEO (Search Engine Optization)
Mobile Development
CMS/E-Commerce Development

Marketing & Lead Generation

Our leads generation and marketing services offer you increased number of targeted leads in B2B and B2C markets.
PPC Marketing
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing

Our Educational Services

Find our various educational services that suits your needs.

Online Classess
Online Classess

We provide online classes to all with various courses that help you to update your skills.

Contact room programs
Contact room programs

We offer contact room classes for local students and abroad to learn to enhance the skills.


We offer various internship programm to enhance your working skiil to meet mordern day requirements.

Knowledge Hub
Knowledge Hub

Visit our online knowledge portal and join to get connected with world fastest growing hub.

Exerience The Magic Of Cinema with Us

Join us for an experience where dreams come alive, memories are made, and the art of storytelling takes center stage. Welcome to the magic of cinema – where every film is a celebration of imagination.

Oash : A film about love life and emotions

Pushing forward with our feature film despite COVID setbacks. Currently in pre-production phase. Planning meticulously and adapting to challenges. Determined to succeed.

Oash : A film about love life and emotions Feature Film
Moh Maya

Exciting news! Our debut music album is set to release soon. Stay tuned for updates and be ready to experience our creative journey through music.

Moh Maya Music Album

Get ready! Our web series is in the works, gearing up to bring you thrilling content. Stay tuned for announcements as we prepare to launch.

Talented Web Series

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Initiate SAP support project with DEXLON: assess requirements, allocate resources, establish SLAs, implement incident management, train staff, monitor systems, ensure continuous improvement..

Bihar Films Production

Engage Bihar Films Production for video and content development: define scope, allocate resources, set milestones, collaborate on creative direction, and ensure quality delivery..

New India Equipments

Embark on web development project with New India Equipments: outline requirements, assign roles, design website, integrate features, conduct testing, and deploy for online presence..

Lincoln Oil and Gas, Singapore

Execute a two-year web solution management and SAP support project with Lincoln Oil and Gas, Singapore: Define goals, design, develop, deploy, maintain, and optimize web solutions for their business needs.

CELC, Thailand

TECFIUS PRIVATE LIMITED has agreed to the contract CELC proposed, formalizing our partnership as an international collaborator.


Initiate software and branding support project with Dearvi: Assess needs, develop software solutions, refine brand identity, and ensure cohesive branding across digital platforms.



Chandra Shekhar Singh


We are deeply impressed by the dedication and professionalism demonstrated by this individual, drawing from extensive experience, including a background in the defence.



S. Shekhar, a highly qualified individual with over 15 years of IT experience, brings extensive technical expertise and a strong professional background to the table. He is real inspiration to the team.

Pankaj Kumar

Bussiness Advisor

Pankaj Kumar, possessing over a decade of specialized expertise in SAP HCM, brings valuable technical acumen and seasoned proficiency to the table. Always supports us in getting better day by day.

Uday Raj


An accomplished individual with extensive experience spanning IT, media, production, and education sectors. With over 8 years in the industry and a background in computer science, their expertise is multifaceted and diverse.

Nikunj Singhwall

Manager (Operation)

Nikunj Singhwall serves as the operational manager, overseeing and optimizing various facets of operations to ensure efficiency and success within the organization.

Suneeta Jaiswal

HR Admin

Suneeta Jaiswal assumes the role of HR Administrator, managing personnel matters, fostering a productive work environment, and ensuring adherence to HR policies and procedures.